Show the world the best version of your


Make a great first impression

In today's world you need to represent yourself professionally, socially, and personally...maybe on a dating app without cropping your friends out. Let me help you show the world the best version of you with a modern and professional headshot.


Own Your First Impression

Someone, somewhere, and at some point will be seeking to do business with you, highlight your achievements, or get an idea of who you are. Make sure their first digital impression is actually of you, in the best light, showcasing your style and personality.

Cellphone pics are just okay

Okay, is not OK. Cell phones take great pictures, but let's be honest..."wow, your camera takes great pictures" is only partial truth. A great picture includes lighting, location, a great photographer (me), and just you! Yep, just you and not a cropped photo with digitally amputated friends and families. So let' update your headshot!

Show Your Personality

Sometimes you need to go beyond the traditional headshot and show a bit more, or all of your personality. During each session, we work towards getting the best version of you with a natural smile. We go beyond the norm to capture laughter, smirks, and all the quirks that make you...YOU!


For those that need a quick update to their headshot, a first time headshot, or one that presents a bit more pizzazz and personality.


Headshot Mini Session


Headshot Mini Session

Session Details :

Sessions are $100 payed up front, booked in 30 minute increments (15 minutes in front of the camera), includes 1 outfit, and 5 digital images (with more available for purchase).

Mini sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


How often should I get new headshots?

It depends 😁, but generally speaking I'd recommend a new headshot every 3-5 years. Headshots represent who we are and with time, we refine (age), our style changes and this should be reflected in a headshot.

Where is the location of the headshot?

Traditional session (with a background) will be at Nest Studios located in the Foundry Building in Northeast Minneapolis (conveniently located off 35-W. If you're looking for branding (on location) sessions, that's awesome and very feasible. I'd recommend work shares, hotels, or any establishment that represents you. Those sessions require a bit more planning, so contact me for more info.

Are there headshots for kids?

Yes, headshots are available for kids. You'd typically go with annual school photos, but if you're looking for a bit more polish and more personality, getting a MAP headshot is the way to go.

How much should I invest in headshots?

A typical investment starts at $350, but most clients spend an average of $500.

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